Hi, my name is Ignacio, Human of Toronto, living in Downtown, Communication Professional, businessman, blogger, social media influencer, foodie, dreamer, creative, passionate, friendly, taco and burrito enthusiast, dog lover, with deep roots in Mexico…warm heart and a big smile.

This is a food blog, obviously, I am a millennial (Gen-Y), my high level of comfort with different cultures and my value in authenticity when eating ethnic food, and my appreciation for an authentic mash-up such as Mexican dumplings or Korean BBQ tacos, makes me a thrill-seeker who crave heightened eating experiences such as intense flavours and extreme textures.

From a Foie Gras Poutine in Montreal to an oyster’s bar in Vancouver, from a 3 am Chinese food in Toronto, to a creamy calorific cheesecake in New York, a Thai food in L.A or Churros in Mexico, wherever I am, I like to share my passion for food and how I embrace it as a vehicle for self-expression and storytelling. I am always looking for the experience not only in origins of the food but the tradition and culture factor that is related to it.

Going back to my gastronomy origins in Mexico, Tacos are not only a crispy or soft tortilla experience full of explosive flavours, there is also a history and a meaning behind., every tiny piece of art is savouring a revolution full of colour and folklore who speaks loudly with every bite.

Tacos, an iconic gastronomic Mexican symbol of the urban finger food scene in North America, here is the history. For all taco lovers.