Have you ever try “Flautas” ? these beauties are crispy rolled tacos stuffed with different fillings like chicken, beef or mashed potatoes. Absolutely delicious!

How do I make them? You need to have a pot filled up with 2 inch of oil, hit it up! until the oil is 375 degrees F.
In the other side pre-warm tortillas in the microwave about 10 secs, take your corn tortillas, spread in one side your favourite filling and rolled it up!.

I highly suggest to secure your tortilla with a toothpick, this way the toothpick will hold the taco-flauta shape, and don’t be shy, use as many toothpicks you need. I personally use two.

When that oil is to the max, place the tacos in the hot oil (I suggest no more than 4 tacos at the same time), let that oil sing! Until you see that golden colour in the tortilla.
Now place your tacos in a paper towel just to dry-reduce any excess of oil.
Serve this beauties in a bed of shared romain lettuce, sparkle some chopped tomatoes, onions, cheese, avocado, sour cream and salsa verde.

I made these tacos at home when I have friends over, we really enjoyed them and have fun dipping these crispy tacos in salsa verde and sour cream.

Another version is baking them, but my favourite and original recipe use a deep fryer version, it melt the flavours together and makes them crunchy.

The whole process of cooking can take some time, when your flautas are ready, place them in a container and cover them with aluminium foil, it helps to keep them moist and warm for a longer time until serve.

Here is a recipe for you to enjoy.



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