Let’s Taco About It with Chef Louis- Charles.

Louis-Charles Desjardins, trained with Daniel Dunas (an international icon – 2-star Michelin rating) of Chez Bardet Restaurant in Montréal. During the period at Chez Bardet, Louis-Charles had the opportunity of working with other culinary experts, including Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II Royal Chef. Rounding out this experience, Louis-Charles was Chef at the ° Three Small Rooms ° at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto. These combinations provide a classical foundation to Louis-Charles ‘culinary skill sets.

Louis-Charles was awarded several scholarships before graduating from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in New York; Cornell Hotel School is the best Hotel Business School in the world.
As a project manager with Laventhol & Horwath (the number 1 Global Consulting Firm in the Hospitality industry at the time), Louis-Charles helped to establish the Hotel Grading System for Bermuda and, as part of his duties, wrote and oversaw numerous Hotel and Food Service Market Studies, Financial Projections, Valuations, and Operational Reviews.
During 12 years, his work as a chef at Kimbourne Farm has been influenced by his intensive international travel to more than 50 countries in Europe, the Middle-East, South and Central America, Asia, and Africa. He appeared in On The Bay Magazine – Fall 2004, the Toronto Star – July 27, 2005, the Toronto Life – November 2005, and the October 2006 issue of Gourmet Magazine- Best Restaurants of Canada.
During his five years of residency in Mexico as a restaurateur, he experiences the Mexican gastronomy, the history and the cultural value of Mexico. In an interview for Let’s Taco About It Blog, he shares his point of view about tacos and Mexican gastronomy.

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  • Who is your culinary icon?
    My mother, everything she made was from scratch and fresh ingredients from the current season in Montreal.
  • If you could have any chef in the world cook for you, who would it be?
    Chef Ferran Adria, he is a Spanish chef, and he plays with food texture and temperate more than anyone else in the world, I got the opportunity to visit his restaurant in 2009 before it closes its doors, El Buli, 3 Michelin Stars. Very nice and humble guy by the way. I truly appreciated his work as a chef.
  • Define in 5 ingredients Mexican cuisin?
    Peppers, vanilla, avocados, corn, bean.
  • What is the best dish you experience in Mexico and why?
    Roasted dry pepper soup, I took a workshop about peepers in San Miguel de Allende, I was amazed how many types of dishes you can make with so many kinds of peppers, at the end of the course we made this soup, and it was absolutely delicious, bursting with flavours and a beautiful presentation!
  • Taco or Burrito?
    Taco, the texture, smell and flavour of the taco is better with corn tortilla. I love the smell of fresh corn tortillas; I still remember that smell when I was passing by the Tortilleria every day, while I was bicycling.
  • Three facts about tacos?
    Part of the everyday meal in Mexico, real tacos are made with soft corn tortillas, a variety of salsas is the ultimate touch of any tacos.
  • Favourite salsa?
    Green tomatillo or salsa verde, is not too hot, instead is full of flavours. And the roasted green tomatoes and the cilantro make this salsa authentic. At my restaurant in Puerto Vallarta I used to have in my menu “Queso Cilantro”, Grilled Panela cheese, with Salsa verde, served in a Hot stone tool (Molcajete). Very delicious and in demand entrance-dish at my place, Flaveur City.
  • Which is your favourite Taco?
    El Pastor, is fresh real grilled pineapple, and the cut of meat from “el trompo” (vertical spit) is a real show, I always like the experience that every Mexican dish is surrounded by. I believe Mexico is one of the friendliest cultures I have been experiencing and in regards to food. Is just magic.

Louis-Charles Desjardins now resides in Toronto, Ontario, and works as a Food Consultant, for any inquiries you can send him an email to jemangeto@gmail.com.


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