The Taco Project

Five Facts about Tacos:

1-        The origin of tacos is from Mexico, and the word taco arose in the silver mines of Mexico.

2-        Tacos most of the time are sell in taco stands, equivalent of the food trucks here in the city of Toronto.

3-        In 1950 Taco Bell started as a burger and hotdog stand, the taco chain “rang the bell” and started selling hard tacos for 19 c to take advantage of the Hispanic neighbourhood.

4-        Mexican compositor and singer Chava Flores was so inspired by the act to eat tacos, and he wrote a song called “La taquiza.”

5-        Mexican food came to invade North America in the 50’s, being nowadays one of the most popular dishes with the most profit, when most of the fast food companies spend 5 percent in total revenue on advertising and marketing, taco chains just spend 1.5 percent in those areas. There is always money in the taco stand.

For all varieties of tacos, here are some videos of my favourites ones, I highly suggest you try them at home, they are simple to make and just delicious. Steak and chicken tacos with corn tortilla next.

Are you getting hungry?

Beef Tacos.

Chicken Tacos.


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