Time to Dance…Salsa!!

“Is not the taco, is the salsa the tasty part.”

Since I started this blog, I become “the taco connoisseur” at my office, thanks to my friend Richard Field, funny eh! Well, I’m not an expert cooking tacos, but something that I enjoy about tacos is they are fun to put together, and I have an exquisite time playing with all the tasty garnishes are available to add on. Guacamole, red onions, cilantro (coriander), jalapenos, beans, chambray grilled onions, red radish, cucumber, lime, sour cream, chipotle mayo, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, you name it! There are tones of delicious toppings.

However, Salsa is my favourite one, from mile to wild, from red to green, chunky to light, a crafted gourmet salsa will satisfy your hunger, sensory your taste buds and after delighting it, life will make sense again.

With many different types of chilli peppers and ways to prepare them: raw, grill, cook, boil, steam, dry, fry, the sky is the limit, and the salsa revolution is a savoury explosion of flavour heaven.

Personally, I like spicy hot pepper salsa. However, a favourite salsa more tasty than spicy is “green tomatillo salsa.”

Have you ever tried it before?


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