Soft or Hard…Size Matter. Taco or Burrito?

Either soft or hard shell tacos; size matters, because tacos are tasty and adorable. If you are looking for a big and soft version flour tortilla is your best friend, this type of tortilla will upgrade the flavour of many delicious fillings to use, establishing a cute burrito (the cousin of the tacos).

A burrito is made with flour tortilla, (big size), a generous tasty portion of rice, flavoured with a dash of black or pinto beans, and a spoonful of seasoned ground beef or other fillings; then you top it up with sour cream, chipotle mayo, salsa pico de gallo, guacamole, grilled vegetables, then roll the whole thing and voila!  Bone Appetit!

In the other side of the family, Tacos are made with corn tortilla; (small size), they are fun to put together as you fill them up with beef, ground turkey or chicken or tasty roasted vegetables as a vegan option. Fold your tortilla into two with all the ingredients and that’s all, enjoy.

You can find tortillas already made at many Latin or gourmet stores at Kensington market; my favorite spot is “La Tortilleria”, when you can find white, yellow, nixtamal, blue, and organic Non-GMO corn tortillas; the price is 3 dollars for 700 gr (36 pieces  approx) the organic version of tortillas at 7.50 for 700 gr (36 pieces per pack) and 9.99 for 12 Flour white tortillas 13” for burritos, my favourite is nixtamal tortilla to add incredibly thick texture; a thin tortilla is often fried to produce tacos dorado, (fried tacos).

But what if you want to improve and try to make homemade tortillas; the recipe will be in my next post. Stayed tuned.


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