Las Tortillas in Toronto (tor-tee-yahs)

Like the slices of bread that form a sandwich, the quality of the tortilla makes the taco. The toasted, sweet corn character of a fresh round of masa needs only a sprinkle of salt to be savoured, though a pinch of grilled meat or a dab of fresh salsa to maximize it flavour.

To build a great Mexican food culture, you need to get the foundations right—a process that has been developing for decades in Toronto and has recently picked up steam with a wave of new tortilla producers hitting the scene. From different colours and flavours, blue, green, yellow, organic, nixtamal, chipotle, spinach, jalapeno, these valuable discs with aromas transporting us back not only to Mexico but also to a previous century when everything started for these guys … and it is important to mention that the range of tortillas found around the city continues to develop.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This blog is written so nicely…. which makes me want to eat Taco after reading it.. Good Job with the descriptions !

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    1. Thank you, let me know what else you would like to read about it. best regards.


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