The Cornerstone in this Community: The Tortilleria.

Let’s start first with the foundation of the whole delight: The Tortilla.

The tortillerias in Mexico are the cornerstone of the community, in almost every corner you will find this pillars making tortillas, grinding the fresh corn, mixing it with flour, salt, stirring in water and oil creating a dough (masa), portioned and baking it on a lightly floured surface and big machines with hot rails at a temperature of 250 C, yes! can you smell it? at this temperature, the smell of toasted corn is wafting through the streets.

People in the neighbourhood are going daily to the tortilleria during rush hour before breakfast at around 8 am or before lunch at around 1 pm to buy them, not only to consume them with freshly cooked with fresh ingredients, also to get the gossip of the area, “el chisme”, the updates in the region and to meet new people. The line up to buy in these stores is very entertaining and is part of the folklore that embrace the Mexican culture. The approximate price in Mexico is 10 pesos for a kilo.


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