The Big Question.

Every time I meet someone at work, in an event, workshop, restaurant, friend’s dinner reunion or simple networking event, one of the first questions people ask me is, what’s your background?  (here I’m getting ready in my mind for the recipe) after saying, I am Mexican, I hear immediately with and excited tone of voice: “I Love Tacos”.

I’m doing the certification of Digital Strategy and Communication Management at University of Toronto., And one of my assignments is to create a blog, knowing that every time new friends around the world, associate me with tasty, delicious and spicy tacos, I find out this is the best opportunity for me to write a bit of the history of these flavourful Mexican guys, my favorites taco places in the city of Toronto where you can find the most authentic and traditional tacos, and at the same time to put out a taco homemade recipe.  So, let’s taco about it.


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